Application Status

Application Status

The Application Status page is where you can check the current Status of either the Rosetta Platform (the platform) or its third party services. The page lets you see the history of any outages or incidents, track the Status of current incidents, subscribe for notifications for updates to incidents and see an aggregated Uptime percentage over the last 30 days.

Accessing the Application Status

The page can be accessed from the help menu on the top right of the Application or directly via

Application Status History

Aggregated Uptime Status

The aggregated Uptime shown below displays a percentage of the cumulative amount of time that the Application has been running without any downtime incidents occurring. For further information on Uptime/Downtime statuses, please refer to Rosetta Availability and Support document.

Uptime History

The Uptime History shown gives you the Uptime percentage for the last rolling 7 seven days.

Daily Status

The Daily Status shown allows you to see details on which incidents were raised on a given day. The different status types are as follows:

  • Normal: the Application is performing within its agreed SLA.
  • Informational: an information only alert has been raised that does not affect performance or availability. For example we may use this alert to communicate updates on the status of a third party service.
  • Performance: an incident which occurred that will degraded performance but did not affect availability.
  • Unavailable: an incident which occurred that has caused the Application to become unavailable.
  • Maintenance: an alert that corresponds to a planned maintenance event.

Incident Details

By hovering your cursor over one of the icons on the Daily Status panel above you can see a breakdown of the incidents on that day as in the below example.

Current Incidents

In the example below you can see a demonstration of a live incident that is currently affecting the platform. Clicking on the incident in the Aggregated Uptime Status component will take you to a screen with more details regarding that incident and it will also provide the option to subscribe to updates on outstanding incidents.

Third Party Services

A selection of third party services which Rosetta relies on are listed here. Service outages can be tracked in the panel below. Note that any third party outages which cause the Rosetta Platform to become unavailable do not count towards the total Uptime of the platform.

The Status page does not have visibility on all of the Applications third party dependencies.