Rosetta Products

Welcome to Rosetta
Rosetta is a complete Software Development Kit (SDK or dev kit) for the Rosetta DSL.
Rosetta Workspace
A Workspace is a user area that allows the user to work with a model in a "safe space".
Rosetta Design
Rosetta Design is a sophisticated model editor that allows the user to edit model files in their own working environment (called a Workspace).
Rosetta Translate
Rosetta Translate enables the user to keep in control of a mapping layer between their existing systems, databases and message formats and the format underpinned by a model.
The Rosetta Ingest Component and Rosetta Features such as Validation and Reports can be accessed directly via a RESTful service which is automatically deployed to the cloud on demand.
Application Status
The Application Status page is where you can check the current Status of either the Rosetta Platform (the platform) or its third party services.
Rosetta Tutorial
This page will guide you through Rosetta: its navigation, its components, features and tools.
Rosetta Engine
Rosetta Engine is a run-time execution engine that can run the functional logic contained in a model on physical data.