Rune DSL

Rune DSL Overview
Rune is a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) that supports the modelling of operational processes for the financial markets' industry. Its purpose is to promote consistency and inter-operability between the various implementations of these processes.
Rune Java Documentation
This document describes the interface and usage of classes that are generated from a Rune model using the Java code generator.
Rune Modelling Components
This document details the purpose and features of each type of model component and highlights their relationships. Examples drawn from the Demonstration Model, a sandbox model of the 'vehicle' domain, are used to illustrate each of those features.
Rosetta Code Generators
Do you want to adopt a technical standard expressed as a domain model in the Rosetta DSL, but in a language other than the default (Java) distribution? You can use this guide to write your own code generator in the language of your choosing.