Latest release - 2.101.4ΒΆ

Model Change - Modified Money data type to use the new standard Quantity data type

What is being released?

This release modifies the Money type by making it an extension of Quantity, removing the existing attributes in 'Money', and adding a condition that requires the unitOfAmount to be a currency.

The following functions required minor modifications to point-to/use the new location of currency in the 'Money' data type:

  • Create_Transfer
  • CreditSupportAmount
  • DeliveryAmount
  • EquityCashSettlementAmount
  • PostedCreditSupportItemAmount
  • ReturnAmount
  • UndisputedAdjustedPostedCreditSupportAmount

The following function required no change after the Money data type was changed:

  • SumPostedCreditSupportItemAmounts

The data type for the following attribute was changed from Money to Price:

  • UnitContractValuationModel->unitPrice

The following data types required no change after the Money data type was changed

  • BondPriceAndYieldModel
  • CalculationPeriod
  • Cashflow
  • CashSettlementTerms
  • CashTransferBreakdown
  • CashTransferComponent
  • ConcentrationLimit
  • CreditEvents
  • CustodianTerms
  • ElectiveAmountElection
  • ExerciseFee
  • ExerciseFeeSchedule
  • FailureToPay
  • InitialMargin
  • PartialExercise
  • PaymentCalculationPeriod
  • PaymentDetail
  • PaymentDiscounting
  • PercentageRule
  • Position
  • PostedCreditSupportItem
  • PremiumExpression
  • PrincipalExchange
  • SecurityLeg
  • SimplePayment
  • StubValue

Review directions

In the CDM Portal, select the Textual Browser and search for any of the changes specified above.